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Video Marketer RX Is A Tool That Every Video Marketer And Webmaster Needs To Run His Business 




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Our Prescription For Your Customers Success


VIDEO MARKETER RX Is A Product That Every Video Marketer Will Love To Get His Hands On, And Use Daily For Years!

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Video Marketer RX -

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Video Marketers Business Class Software w/Video

  • The Best Tools For A Video Agency
  • The Best Tools For Selling Video and Analytics As A Service

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  • FE Agency Version $47.00 w/ $67 re-curring

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SUBJECT: Not Doing THIS = Leaving Money On The Table….  

BODY:   When it comes to the internet, it’s so vast that it’s safe to say that there are a countless number of ways to turn a profit.  

However, if you’re not utilizing video marketing to boost your business, then I gotta admit that you are WAY behind.  

But maybe you’re already doing some video marketing and noticed that you hit a plateau in your progress.   Truth is, very few business owners succeed with it unless  

1.    They really know what they’re doing and already know what works.

2.    They have all of the proper tools that they need to break through any possible obstacles that may arise.  

On that note, just slapping a video up on YouTube and praying that it makes you thousands just won’t cut it.  

You need the same tools that the pros use and most people would believe that’s codename for spending a fortune.  

However, I know how you can get everything you need to start banking BIG bucks with your video marketing for dirt cheap!  

So, please stay tuned for my next email and I will reveal how  



 SUBJECT: INSANE - $1,770.30 Profit In Just 1 Day  

BODY:   Yes it is 100% true that a buddy of mine brought in $1,770.30 in profit in just 24 hours…  

My guess is you’re curious to know exactly how? Here’s a hint. . .  

This traffic source he’s using is responsible for over 90% of ALL internet traffic alone. . .  

Yes!  -  Video Marketing. When utilizing this type of marketing in your business, the sky is the limit, to be honest.  

To add to that, MILLIONS of dollars in revenue are being generated each and every month and this means that you can have a piece of this BIG, money pie with your name written all over it.  

Who knows. . . maybe you’re already a video marketing expert. Or maybe you have no experience, whatsoever.  

Doesn’t matter because a good buddy of mine has a software that is guaranteed to boost your revenue up to 75%!!! - Now this is INSANE!!!  

Only thing is that he hasn’t pulled back the curtains just yet so do yourself a favor and be on the lookout for my next email so you can be the first to see what he’s got cooking up for ya :-)  

Talk soon!  


 SUBJECT: Hey, [FIRSTNAME], It’s LIVE!!! GO!!!  


Remember in my last email when I mentioned a few buddies of mine had a software coming out that is gonna take the video marketing industry by storm?  

Well. . . Here it is!  

I gotta admit that they really hit the nail on the head with this one.  

In all my years I’ve NEVER seen a cloud-based software that, literally, has everything you need to succeed with your video marketing.

  -      SEO and Page Ranking Tools

-      Customized Web Reports

-      Competitor Analysis  

You name it!  They got it! Even professional invoicing if you have offline clients - WOW!  

Seriously. . . You Gotta See This!!!  

Just thank me later  


P.S. You are gonna absolutely, LOVE the bonuses they have for you!

 SUBJECT: Here We Go!!! - (The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For)  

BODY:   Remember I told you how my buddy brought in over $1,700 profit in just 24 hours?  

THIS Is How He Did It!!!  

As I mentioned in my previous email, when video marketing is done right, it can be extremely powerful.  

In addition to that, it is an absolute MUST that you have the right tools to bring in the BIG bucks and this is where their software comes in.  

This email would be a book if I listed all of the 400+ features that this software has LOL  

So with that, just go ahead and check it out for yourself!  

Click Here!  

Enjoy :-)  


P.S. You are gonna absolutely, LOVE the bonuses they have for you!

 SUBJECT: [FIRSTNAME] You’re Running Out Of Time. . .  

BODY:   Right now, [FIRSTNAME], you are on the clock and I just wanted to let you know that you are SO close to missing out on an amazing discount  

See What I Mean Here.  

As far as tools for making the most profit possible from your video marketing efforts, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

 There’s no wonder why the pros continue to choose EZ Video Marketer RX as their go-to software.  

For one, the discount that these guys are giving you is an absolute STEAL  

And two, REAL people are getting REAL results!  

Trust me, you do NOT wanna be that guy who sits on the sidelines and is kicking himself later for not taking action when he had the chance.  

Just dive in! You’ll be happy that you did.  

Click Here to see what all the fuss is about!  

Once again, just thank me later ;-)  


 SUBJECT: Please Do NOT Miss Out On THIS….  

BODY:   Maybe you’ve been doing your research on whether EZ Video Marketer RX would be a wise investment to make. . .

 Take a moment to hear what these guys had to say about it:  


And those are just a couple of the MANY lives that this software has changed.  

Building an extremely profitable and sustainable video marketing business has NEVER been easier.  

-      1st page rankings on Google with your videos…

-     FULL competitor analysis to get the edge on your competition…       

-    Complete website trafficking and reporting…  

-    Invoicing and re-curring billing

It’s almost like. . . “What doesn’t this software do?!?”  

Yes, it’s that good and is definitely one of a kind but don’t take my word for it…  

See for yourself!  


P.S. Once the clock strikes ZERO, they will jack the price up, tremendously. So I encourage you to head over and get it for cheap ;-)

 SUBJECT: Have You Seen THIS Yet?!?  

BODY:   Seriously, [FIRSTNAME],  

if you haven’t seen THIS yet, then you are missing out, BIG TIME!  

Not certain if you’ve received my previous emails but a few pals of mine put out an unbelievable, cloud-based software that gives you every tool needed to rake in the cash with your video marketing.  

We’re talking:

  -      Facebook chat box systems

--      SMS texting systems

-      Email campaign systems

-      SEO systems  

And believe it or not, over 400 more features are included with this software!  

If anyone were to pass this one up, they’d be out of their mind because your success is basically being given to you in one, big box and i’m gonna go ahead and say that this will be the last of video marketing tools that you will ever need to invest in.

  Yes. . . it’s THAT life-changing.  

Only bad news is that they’re closing the doors VERY soon on the discount.  

So. . . Get In NOW while you still have time!  




Time is of the essence!  

Don’t ask questions. . .  


My buddies are closing the door on their awesome, new video marketing software and I wanted to let you know in case you were still on the fence.  

If you’ve never cracked the code to raking in the cash with your video marketing, then NOW is the time.  

Consider this your one-stop-shop for everything that you need to boost your sales and this isn’t just some marketing pitch. . . this is 100% fact!  

If you don’t believe me, take a moment and look at what people are saying about it.  

Anyways, gotta run! Hope your day is well and was just stopping in to tell you before they close the doors.  

Check it out here!  

Take care  


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